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Courthouse Stuffed Animals with Tee

Courthouse Stuffed Animals with Tee

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Introducing Courthouse Stuffed Animals with Tee:


Elevate playtime with a touch of architectural wonder, inspired by the art deco design of the Pope County Courthouse. Paying tribute to the splendor of its 1931 creation by H Ray Burks, these stuffed animals with their charming tees blend heritage and cuddly companionship.

Features that stand out:

- Material Mix: The toy is crafted from a cozy cotton and polyester blend, while stuffing includes polyester fiber and plastic pellets for a huggable feel

- Adorable Attire: Each animal wears a 100% Cotton tee that showcases the architectural inspiration

- Finishing Touch: Sewn-in label adds a polished detail to the design

- Age-Appropriate: Suitable for ages 3 and above, making them perfect companions for young and young-at-heart

- Variety of Companions: Choose from Panda, Lion, Bear, Bunny, Jaguar, and Sheep, each exuding unique character

With Courthouse Stuffed Animals with Tee, bring history into playtime. Let these cuddly companions be a bridge between architectural heritage and the joy of imagination, making every hug a tribute to culture, creativity, and comfort.

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