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Courthouse Wings Stemless Wine Glass, 11.75oz

Courthouse Wings Stemless Wine Glass, 11.75oz

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Elevate your wine experience with a touch of architectural grace, inspired by the art deco design of the Pope County Courthouse. Reflecting the splendor of its 1931 creation by H Ray Burks, this stemless wine glass blends heritage and sophistication.


Features that stand out:


Material: Crafted from 100% glass, ensuring a classic and timeless appeal

Size: One size, offering an 11.75oz (0.35ml) capacity for your favorite wines

Visual Elegance: Glossy print that captures the essence of architectural beauty

Care Reminder: Hand wash only, for the longevity of the design and glass

With the Courthouse Wings Stemless Wine Glass, elevate every sip into a celebration of architectural heritage. Let your wine moments embody history, style, and a touch of luxury.

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